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Why you will love linksy

Semantic keywords

We believe that the future of everything SEO isn’t just about using target keywords in your posts but creating meaningful contents with topical depths, so we built Linksy to use natural language processing, embracing semantic keywords at its core.

Inline link suggestions

Linksy suggests useful and relevant keyphrases within the post editor so you can see and apply them as you work on your blog posts. Guaranteed, you will never have to leave the view of your post editor to see the suggested keyphrases.

Built for speed

While our goal with Linksy is to help you create more useful and relevant internal links for your posts, we want you to spend less time doing this. We loath unnecessary reloading of pages, so we built Linksy to load as fast as possible.

Keyphrase assistants

Draggable sidebar widget and an inline popup with keyphrase ratings to help with the right anchor selection. Hover over any suggestion to see the highest-rated post, with the option to see more suggestions on the sidebar widget.

Brilliant filters

Apply desired filters to any report with Linksy’s brilliant search functionalities that make searching for relevant data more intuitive than ever! The custom export option respects the filtered report and can further be set to download the columns you want.

Ajax search

As a testament to how Linksy was built for speed, the plugin uses ajax search on relevant pages. Search page titles, URLs and other metrics seamlessly. Get the result as you type, without clicking a button to load the result.

Built by SEOs for SEOs

Linksy is the only WordPress plugin in the market that meets all the criteria expected of an internal link-building plugin.

AI-Powered analysis

Linksy uses Natural Language Processing AI to understand and leverage semantic relationships between all posts on your site.

We understand how important this is for SEO, and for you.

  • Our system connects posts that matter.
  • Our system scores every post against its title.
  • Further scores every post against all other posts on your site.

Contextual link suggestions

Linksy doesn’t just throw in links, neither do we limit link suggestions to the title of a post.

Courtesy of our keyword extraction algorithm in your language, we suggests links that are most relevant to the content of every page, upholding the tenets of semantic SEO.

  • Semantic Keywords? Checked!
  • Variation of keywords? Checked!

Link automation system

We know it will be tiring to link posts after posts as your site grows. Fortunately, our Auto-link and full automation features got your covered.

  • Set your keywords wih target URLs, or push a button to like your focus keywords.
  • Automate every internal link with the full automation system.

Silo networks

Our Silo Network features a cutting-edge system to help you build strong content groups called silos, with topic clusters for more topical depth.

This smart system makes organizing your content easier and helps improve your website’s SEO by keeping topics well-organized and relevant.

   Cheers to your EEAT goals!

  • An intelligent mapping system.
  • Auto-link your network with AI.

Actionable link reports

A detailed links report page provides actionable insights and allows for easy addition of links to posts.

Use a combination of filter options to obtain the data you need: Post Type, Post Status, Category, Tags, Published Date, Word Count, Inbound Internal Links, Outbound Internal Links, and External Links.

  • With the ‘Orphaned’ and ‘Self-contained’ buttons, quickly identify posts with zero inbound or outbound internal links.”

Link and text refiner

A content refiner that helps clean up your website’s text and links.

It helps find and fix awkward links that have spaces or punctuation stuck to them. You can also use it to find specific words in your titles or text and change them to something else.

Plus, if you’ve got a link or a bit of text that’s not quite right, you can search for the exact match and replace it with something better.

  • It’s like having a super-smart editor that makes sure everything on your site looks and works perfectly.

Integration with SEO plugins

With the focus keywords feature, Linksy works alongside your SEO plugins, acting like a 2 Factor Authenticator – a second layer of assurance for achieving your SEO objectives.

It takes over where your usual SEO plugins leave off in content analysis, allowing you to add and monitor multiple keywords, providing insights beyond what standard SEO plugins offer, which typically focus on primary keywords only.

  • An average SEO plugin uses vanity metrics while Linksy relies on full content analysis.

Page builders integration​

Linksy works well with many WordPress page builders, making it easy to use.

It doesn’t just work with the basic WordPress editor. It also works smoothly with Elementor, Divi, Gutenberg, and other page builders based on Gutenberg, plus more.

Linksy smartly adds links right into the content blocks of these page builders. This way, you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff when linking your pages together.

  • No matter which page builder you use for your content, Linksy is there to help.

User-friendly interface

“Show me a good plugin and I will tell you of a good user experience.”

We’ve designed Linksy to be as simple and easy to use as possible for everyone, no matter how much tech experience you have.

The design is clean and good-looking, keeping things straightforward.

You’ll have a smooth experience with easy-to-use controls, quick-access buttons, and helpful settings to make the most of the tool.

  • Brilliant filters to segment the data that matters to you.
  • Ajax search across all pages, a prove that it’s built for speed,

Continuous updates

Linksy keeps updating regularly, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming outdated or abandoned.

We make sure it stays compatible with the latest WordPress updates and other plugins.

Also, we update Linksy to work with newer PHP versions without forgetting about the older ones that are still recommended.

  • It works with PHP 7.x, 8.0, and 8.1.
  • Follows WordPress plugin standards.

Awesome features

Linksy's Widget

Simple user interface

Just so you can create the internal links you will love, we built the interface you will be proud of. With Linksy’s NLP rating system, use the contextual relationship between the keywords and the target URL for proper linking.

Linksy Widget

Internal Links Report

Detailed links report

The links report page displays all your posts and their on-page links in one place so you can manage them easily. You can filter the posts by combining some or all of these metrics: Post type, Category, Word Count, Internal links, and External links.

Domain report

Easy domain auditing

The Domains report page has a brilliant display of all the internal and external links on your site’s pages, with their link metrics for easy auditing. You get to see how many links a domain receives from your site, with their sources.

Linksy Domains Report
Linksy Anchors Cloud

Anchors Cloud

Optimized anchor texts

The Anchors cloud helps create more SEO-friendly anchor texts. The page lists all your site’s anchor texts with ratings that show how they relate to their target links, plus filters for duplicate anchors, anchor length, and more.

inbound links

Quick inbound linking

The “Add inbound links” page takes away all the stress of onsite inbound links, so you can dedicate more time to creating awesome contents. The page has a brilliant quick apply feature for choosing the top best suggestions.

Linksy Keywords Rating

keyword intent

Focus keywords rating

This page displays the focus keywords for all posts on your site. More interestingly, we use natural language processing to determine if these keywords satisfy the searcher’s intent, helping you create content your readers will love.


Test the best keyword

This is a feature that makes Linksy so unique. The playground helps check the pages of your site that are optimised for any keyword you search. The “Versus” makes it easy to compare two choice keywords for the best content optimisation.

Linksy Playground
Linksy Auto-Linking


Automate your links

Auto-linking allows you to preset keywords and specify target URLs they should link to, with options to control the scopr of the linking. These links are instantly activated and will also be applied to any future posts containing the set keywords.

Fix the links

Search and replace

This is a revolutionary search feature that queries every occurrence of URLs and anchors across your site and changes them to a new one you set. The Fix function help you fix badly made anchors without a sweat.

Linksy Search and Replace


1 Site License

$ 59 /year
All pro features, billed yearly until cancelled.
  • Use on 1 Site
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Link Suggestions
  • 100 Extra Monthly AI Credits
Most Popular

3 Site License

$ 118 /year
All pro features, billed yearly until cancelled.
  • Use on 3 Sites
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Link Suggestions
  • 200 Extra Monthly AI Credits

10 Site License

$ 219 /year
All pro features, billed yearly until cancelled.
  • Use on 10 Sites
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Link Suggestions
  • 600 Extra Monthly AI Credits

What users say

Testimonials from people who have used Linksy and found it to be a helpful tool


via AppSumo

Seriously... this is such an easy plugin to use. We know we need links, both internal and external. Linksy makes it super-easy to learn where your site needs a boost, and take care of it within SECONDS. What is your time worth?


via AppSumo

I've tested several tools and I think Linksy is onto something great provided they continue growing and providing excellent support. AI suggestions for links and anchors are cool, great value for the price, and super responsive customer support.


via AppSumo

The Linksy plugin seems as advertised. Finds relevant links as you create a blog post. The UX is easy to understand and well-organized. Recently puchased the Tier 3 and have used it on my first website. Overall, very happy with the experience. Easy to use and straighforward, does the job. Thanks to Team Plugli.


via ApppSumo

This is great. After a bit of fun and games getting redeemed, I've been playing around with this. It's incredible! Linksy is so easy to use and so powerful. Got a decent performing page with 0 internal links? Well, add some! So easy to do with this tool. I love it.


Frequently asked questions

How Does Link Suggestions Work?

Our algorithm is designed with Semantic SEO in mind and extracts relevant keywords from posts to semantically match them with fitting posts on relevant pages on your site. Rather than relying on limited connections between titles and keywords, it considers the contextual relationship between the keyword and the body of the post.

How Many Languages Does Linksy Support?

Linksy has full support for English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian and Italian languages and minimal support for other European languages. Want to see Linksy work in your language? Reach out to us at and we'll be glad to support your language in a few weeks.

What Page Builders Does Linksy Work With?

Linksy is compatible with both the Classic and Gutenberg editors, offering seamless integration right out of the box. This compatibility extends to Gutenberg-based page builders, including Kadence Blocks, Genesis Blocks, Spectra, Essential Blocks, Ultimate Blocks, and Greenshift. Additionally, we've expanded our support to include a range of other popular builders such as Elementor, WPBakery, Thrive, Divi, Avia, Oxygen, Bricks, Avada, Themify, Cornerstone, and Beaver. We are continually broadening our support to include more of the popular page builders.

What SEO Plugins Does Linksy Support?

Linksy extracts focus keywords from compatible SEO plugins to provide link suggestions. We now offer full support for the following SEO plugins: Yoast, AIO SEO, Rank Math, SEO Press, Squirrly, BoldGrid Easy SEO, and WPSSO Core.

What Happens When I Delete Linksy?

Deleting the plugin will remove your synced posts on our server, but the links created will stay. In other words, links created with Linksy will not be removed when you uninstal the plugin.

You can always install Linksy again, run the setup and build internal links like a boss.

Deactivating the plugin alone does not remove your data from our server.

Please note that we only store posts that are publicly available on your site.

Do You Store Website Contents on Your Server?

When you install the plugin and run the set up, our system crawls your website for the contents that are generally available to the public.

Since we use a custom algorithm for content analysis, we process the data on our server for optimal keyword suggestions.

Can I Remove the Links I Have Applied?

You do have total control over the suggestions you apply and you can remove the links without hurting the system, as you would any other link you create manually.

Will Linksy Help My Site Rank Better on Search Engines?

Even though we do have a guarantee that you will create better internal links by using Linksy, all thanks to its semantic SEO capability, we do not cheekily promise a better ranking since this depends on hundreds of factors. When you do every other thing right for SEO, Linksy will add the icing for better rankings on Search Engines.

Does Linksy Only Work on WordPress Sites?

At this time, yes. You need a WordPress site to use the plugin. We should extend support for other Content Management Systems in the future.

How Much Control Do I Have Over Link Suggestions?

The settings page allows you to set limits to how Linksy should work. You can limit suggestions by Category, Pages, or Keywords.

Do You Have a Trial Version?

This question again? We do not have a trial period but purchasing the plugin is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you use linksy for 30 days and ask for a refund, we will be happy to issue it. You won't be able to ask for a refund after 30 days of purchase.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept Credit and Debit Cards via Stripe.

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